Day 4 – Stream in the Woods to Sheep Lake

Aug. 17th.  Distance 8.7 miles.  Ascent 1207 ft.  Descent 698 ft.

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Sending the all’s well this morning message!

Another relatively early start, though after our camp compatriots. The morning was sunny but cool, and the first few miles were relatively easy going. After a short break at the Walupt Creek Trail, we started a climb, which provided a good reminder that this was still work.  Around then, one of the Spokane pair came wandering back wondering if we’d seen their package with their maps and trail information – unfortunately we hadn’t, but in reality, the trail here is clearly marked and easy to follow and since there are quite a few other hikers, its hard to imagine getting lost…



Trekking through the forest you do occasionally come across some strange things, including a tree that’s saddled up and ready to ride!  Looking to the west Walupt Lake came into view, and we continued north. Here we met a couple of fellows in their late 60’s or 70’s who had put in at Walupt Lake and were planning to hike through to White Pass.   We turned west and from this traverse, Mt. Adams came into view to the south east…

P8170140.JPG After a short climb to the west, we came to Sheep Lake, and though it was only 1:45, we decided to set up camp and enjoy the afternoon with a little swimming and a little snoozing!  We found a great spot on the north side of the lake and set up camp.  We then spent the rest of the afternoon ‘goofing off like a couple o bums’ as Ken put it.  This seemed to be a popular spot to behave this way, as a number of people had hiked in from Walupt Lake or other trails and were spending their day the same way!

It being the middle day of the trip, we once again followed tradition and prepared a feast of pasta with marina sauce and Lanjaegers, and finished off the evening with a flavored hot chocolate.

Life is good!


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