It was getting to be a pain writing more than a paragraph in FaceBook, so I thought I’d try blogging as an alternative.  I’m hoping this will be a good way to collect and share hiking adventures.  As you can see below, I enjoy a little repose in the great outdoors…



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  1. Andy Hathaway says:

    WOW ! You’re a stud…I had no idea that you are a hiker. Joellen and I did the PCT this past summer (8/09) from Stevens to Snoqualmie and just returned from hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We’ll have to hook up with you two and trade epics.

    I came across your name when David Warren asked me to be a friend on Linkedin – something which I’m not adept at figuring out.

    With this you have my email and i’ve read a little of your very interesting blog – which I’ll attempt to bookmark so I can come back to. If there is a method for you to ask the blog to generate an automatic message to interested voyeurs so then can tune in – please register my email address in that column.

    Stay in touch


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